Limited Companies that are registered in Malaysia are governed by the Companies Act, 1965 in Malaysia. According to the Act, all companies that are registered in Malaysia shall provide detailed information to the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (“SSM”) for public disclosure. The Memorandum and Article of Association is the most important legal document of a company as it defines the rights and responsibilities within the company. These documents are required to be filed to the SSM for assessment prior to the formation of a company, it will then issue a Certificate of Incorporation (“Form 9”) to the subscriber for a later process of company formation.

Due to the complication of the company formation procedure, it is always a wise choice to appoint the right person to do the job. AFC is an experienced group in Company formation, we deliver a professional and thorough service in this area.

If you are intending to incorporate a company to get your ideas implemented into business, AFC assists and supports you in meeting the necessary statutory requirements with the SSM for approval to ensure a smooth initiation to your adventure in starting a business, expansion or diversification.

Other than our fast incorporation within 5 days:-

  • There are no hidden costs for our fast formation service
  • Your company is ready to start business within 5 days
  • Free 1 set of certified true copy of Form 49, 44, 24, 9 and Memorandum and Article of Association

The process of the company incorporation is as follows:-

  1. Search your proposed company name
  2. Enter your directors, shareholders details using our secure system
  3. Enter your contact, business address and opening bank details
  4. Click on the button to buy. An invoice will be sent to you
  5. Any documents ordered will be followed up by City-Link Express


Our package for RM1,288 is ideally for customers who intend to start trading immediately or in the near future. The package is inclusive of:-

  • One (1) name search – approval within 1 working day
  • Authorised share capital: RM400,000.00
  • Paid up capital: RM2.00 – RM400,000.00
  • Number of directors: 2-20 persons
  • Company common seal
  • Statutory books and records
  • 1 minute book
  • 1 registrar book
  • Share certificate book (25 certificates)
  • 1 set of certified true copy of Form 49, 44, 24, 9 and Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Resolution for opening company bank account
  • First Board of Director meeting

You will also receive electronic documents provided in the form of PDF’s, which you can then print off.

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