AFC is a well known and experienced audit firm in Malaysia since 1979. The Malaysian auditing firm provides comprehensive audit services, Malaysia audit firms and assurance services to all industry types. We assist our clients in facilitating audit of the financial statements of their businesses. Our clientele ranges from small and medium enterprises to multinational companies. We adhere to the compliance required for specific statutory reporting of auditing firm in Malaysia.

Auditing service of AFC is unique and unparalleled than other audit firms in Malaysia. The latest technologies combined with innovative ideas of our auditors form an excellent platform for conducting authentic assessments and examinations of client’s audit cases, ensuring true and fair presentation of the reports. SBS consulting, the leading audit company Malaysia, creates a niche in the industry for its unmatched skills and expertise.

Statutory Audits

We review the truth and fairness of your company’s financial records. The purpose to perform the statutory audit services is to determine your company’s true and fair representation of financial position. We vouch documents/information such as your bank balances, your bookkeeping records, and your financial transactions. Our quality system is updated with latest auditing standards of audit firms in Malaysia. The audit of your financial statements is completed under rigid professional standards and by applying relevant provisions of Financial Reporting Standards applicable in audit firms Malaysia.

Our assurance approach does not only concentrate on scrutinizing your financial statements but, also focus on your business operations. We thrive to increase efficiency of your business.

Non Statutory Audits

We practice techniques of audit firm Malaysia that are equally applicable to extensively ranged non-corporate entities, for example auditing services for sole proprietors, small companies, limited liability partnerships, associations, clubs and charitable trusts. We review and verify your business’ financial transactions which are not required either by the law or any other regulatory body. Our non statutory audit services is tailor made to the specific needs of your business. We conduct an unbiased assessment of your business activities and help you to identify the weaknesses that hamper your company’s growth.

Business Reviews

We provide a comprehensive business review which contains the results of the financial position of your business. The feedback assists the management in enhancing profitability and cutting costs.

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