The AFC group has the full range of services with our core competencies summarized for your information as follows:

Core Competency
Audit is more than just a statutory
requirement. Beyond doing the norm and what is necessary, we aim to understand
your story and look for ways on how we
can help you grow your business potential.

Better Choice Travel & Tour
Sdn. Bhd., Hwee Hwa
Construction Sdn. Bhd., SES
Polymer Industries Sdn. Bhd.,


As a tax specialty house, our tax partners are implementing tax planning methods to help clients to optimize tax incentives,
reduce tax liability and maintain tax
compliance with relevant laws and

Bergaya Juta Sdn. Bhd., West River Engineering Sdn. Bhd.,
Catbit Boutique Sdn. Bhd., etc.


We provide secretarial services such as
advises on compliance with requirements
of the Companies Act, 1965 and other
relevant prevailing statutory requirements, and arrange for and attend Board and
General Meetings of the Company.

Why 5 Solution Sdn. Bhd.,
Integral Paragon Sdn. Bhd.,
Coreweld Sdn. Bhd.


All accounting records are maintained
using computerized accounting systems
and they are also maintained according to applicable approved accounting standards in Malaysia.

CT Brotac Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Lim Ventilation Engineering
Sdn. Bhd., Ismail & Tan Trading Sdn. Bhd., Nexstream Sdn.
Bhd. etc.