We are a fully integrated accounting firm, offering comprehensive services in audit, tax, accounting, company secretarial and corporate advisory work.

AFC’s first office is located at Segamat, Johor. Subsequently, AFC opened its Kuala Lumpur office in year 2008.

AFC is a growing accounting firm managed by young and passionate partners who take a keen interest in building clients’ businesses as well as extend their global growth.

AFC is registered with Malaysian Institute of Accountants as an audit firm with 2 approved company auditors who are Darren Chan Teng Chun and Marie Chan Yee Hui. Both partners obtained audit licenses granted by Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.

Knowing that clients of today require more than a recognized name within the business community, we are differentiated through:

  • Reliable and long-serving teams servicing you in a personalized manner; and
  • Ability to value-add through ample experience, passion to serve and a pro-business approach.


We aim to strengthen SMEs as a major contributor to Malaysia as an economic powerhouse.


  • We aspire to be a good company that provide caring financial and tax services.
  • By 2030, we aim to help 10,000 SMEs to create business values.


  • Customer first, employee second, shareholder third
  • Teamwork
  • Trust make everything simple
  • Change is the only constant
  • Always positive, never give up
  • Live seriously, work happily

Ability To Deliver

We have a very low dependency on any one client, and our largest client contributes less than 3% of our total fee income.

We also structure ourselves so that our partners have the time to service clients, and our second liners will ensure that you do not deal with ever changing new staff.

Value To You

Clients that we are working with are impressed with the thoroughness of our reporting and attention to detail. Our partners are full-time working professionals heading specialised departments who believe in bringing value to clients.

In line with our corporate mission, we go beyond the norm to provide innovation solutions in a personalized manner which helps our clients and people grow.

We firmly believe that as you grow, we grow as well.